Top 7 Software That Is Used In Online Poker

When a player decides to take the path of online poker, they still have some important choices ahead of them before starting to play. Especially at the software level, the offer is such that making an informed selection can seem complicated. Find out about the top 7 software that is used in online poker and make a choice you’ll be happy with in the future.

Poker Stars

This is probably the best-known site today in terms of online poker. And there are reasons for that! Both in terms of the variety of tables and the pace at which they become available, Poker Stars has become the industry standard. The game runs quickly and is highly flexible. This software also features a large variety of tables and tournaments, as well as a large selection of poker varieties less popular than Texas Hold’em.

The only criticism that is sometimes pointed out to Poker Stars is a slight inconsistency in terms of competition: it happens very often that very experienced opponents find themselves at the same table as beginners, which makes the game a little uneven at this level.


Another popular software is 888poker. The interface is quite interesting, with several functions and tools that are very useful for the player and uses 3D graphics. This site stands out, above all, by the fact that it is included among other online casino games. For this reason, competition can often include players who wander from one casino game to another casino game. So, here you can find very attractive tables, with plenty of action and good possibilities to make money thanks to good bonuses.

Party Poker

This software gives you access to another of the biggest virtual poker rooms in the world. You can count on many promotions and special events, as well as an appealing and renewed interface. The number of players is quite large and their origins are geographically very varied.

Another of its positive features is the security it offers users: it is certified by eGaming, eCOGRA and GamCare. However, sometimes the competition is not very strong. In other words, this is probably not the right software for those looking for big challenges.

Lucky Ace Poker

Another very attractive software for those who enjoy softer games is Lucky Ace Poker, which uses the same engine as Party Poker.

Again, the good security conditions, the amount of action and a good interface guarantee a comfortable experience. Graphically, the options are also varied and well achieved.

However, it is really the prospect of easy profit that draws players into this room. The quality of opponents is rarely high, which allows any slightly more competent player to profit more easily.

William Hill Poker

This option is particularly popular with Europeans. Precisely because it is originated from a British gaming house, its traffic peaks during times more suitable for Europeans. For the Portuguese, for example, this option is interesting, as the respective time zone coincides with English.

Like 888poker, this software will put you up against very loose players coming from other types of betting games, which guarantees a lot of action, but also good prospects for thoughtful and patient players.

In terms of interface and graphics, William Hill Poker also sets the bar quite high.


For those looking for a different option, PKR is an interesting choice. With this software, games are played in 3D, which can make the program heavier for your PC. On the other hand, the kind of experience it provides, more akin to a video game, can make playing online poker a much more immersive experience.

Betboo Poker

For those who can’t do without their mother tongue, we’ve included Betboo Poker. Since it includes the possibility to play in Portuguese and the other dimensions of this software also work well, you won’t lose anything by trying it out either.

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